161 Vibrant Plant Names For Babies (With Meanings)


Searching for botanical baby names? Trees, flowers, and plant names for babies are popular choices for nature-loving moms and dads.

In this post, you’ll find a nice variety of plant names for boys and girls. Some of the botany names on this list are popular, while others are uncommon flower names that would be a great choice if you’re looking for something that stands out.

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Pretty Plant Names For Girls

Including (origins) and “meanings”

I’ve researched these earthy names by searching websites like BabyCenter to include their origins and meanings, but keep in mind, some names have different meanings in several languages.

Here are some popular and unique flower names for baby girls:


  • Acacia (Greek) “thorny tree”

  • Ainsley (Scottish) "one's own meadow"

  • Aloe (Italian) “aloe plant”

  • Alyssum (Greek) “curing madness”

  • Amaranth (Greek) “unfading”

  • Amaryllis (Greek) “to sparkle”

  • Ambrosia (Greek) “immortal; love”

  • Ameretat (Indian) “immortal”

  • Anemone (Greek) “windflower; daughter of the wind” - Anemone is also on our list of over 100 names meaning sky, air, and wind

  • Angelica (Latin) “angel; messenger of God; the angelica flower is associated with inspiration” - Angelica is also on our list of female angel names

  • Anise (English) “spice”

  • Ash (English) “ash tree” - Ash is also on our list of one-syllable girl names

  • Aspen (English) “aspen tree” Aspen is also on our city girl names list

  • Aster (Greek) “star”

  • Azalea (Greek) “dry flower”


  • Bay (Latin) “berry”

  • Begonia (French) “Begon’s flower”

  • Belladonna (Italian) “beautiful lady; nightshade”

  • Bentley (English) “meadow with coarse grass”

  • Blossom (English) “flower; bloom”

  • Bluebell (English) “blue bell”

  • Briar (English) “shrub; small tree”

  • Bryn (Welsh) “hill”

  • Bryony (English) “poisonous climbing vine”

  • Buttercup (English) “yellow wildflower”

little girl holding flower bouquet


  • Calla (Greek) “beauty”

  • Camellia (Latin) “Kamel’s flower”

  • Carnation (Latin) “flesh”

  • Cassia (Greek) “cinnamon”

  • Celosia (Greek) “burning”

  • Cerise (French) “cherry”

  • Chloe (Greek) “blooming”

  • Chrysanta (Greek) “golden flower”

  • Cicely (English) “blind of self beauty”

  • Clematis (Greek) “vine branch”

  • Clementine (English) “gentle; merciful”

  • Clove (Latin) “nail; spice”

  • Clover (English) “meadow flower”


  • Daffodil (English, Dutch) “yellow flower; asphodel”

  • Dahlia (Scandinavian) “Dahl’s flower”

  • Daisy (English) “day’s eye”

  • Daphne (Greek) “laurel tree; bay tree” - Daphne is also on our list of names for a beautiful girl


  • Elowen (English) “elm tree”

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  • Fern (English) “fern”

  • Fleur (French) “flower”

  • Flora (Scottish) “flower”

  • Forsythia (Scottish) "Forsyth's flower"

  • Fuchsia (English) “flower”


  • Gardenia (English) “garden’s flower”

  • Geranium (Greek) “crane”


  • Hazel (English) “the hazelnut tree”

  • Heather (English) “evergreen flowering plant”

  • Hibiscus (Latin) “marshmallow plant”

  • Holly (English) “the holly tree”

  • Honeysuckle (English) “flower name”

  • Hyacinth (Greek) “blue larkspur; precious stone”


  • Indigo (Greek) “Indian dye”

  • Iris (Greek) “rainbow”

  • Ivy (English) “climbing vine plant” - Ivy is also on our boho girl names list

little girl blowing on a dandelion flower


  • Jasmine (Persian) “gift from God” - Jasmine is also on our list of Pretty Black Female Names

  • Jessamine (French) “jasmine flower”

  • Jonquil (Latin) “reed”

  • Juniper (Latin) “young”


  • Katniss (American) “pure; arrowhead; from a plant with edible tubers called Sagittaria”


  • Lantana (Latin) “a flower of orange and purple blossoms”

  • Lata (Indian) “creeping vine or branch”

  • Laurel (Latin) “laurel tree”

  • Lavender (English) “a purple flowering plant”

  • Leilani (Hawaiian) “flower; heavenly”

  • Lilac (English) “flowering pale-purple shrub”

  • Lily (English) “lily”

  • Linnaea (Swedish) “a small bluish flower type, known as a twinflower”

  • Lotus (Greek) “lotus flower”

  • Lucerne (Latin) “lamp”


  • Magnolia (Latin) “a flower”

  • Maple (Latin) “piece of cloth”

  • Marigold (English) “golden flower”

  • Meadow (American) “field of grass”

  • Myrtle (Greek) “of the myrtle plant”

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  • Olive (English) “olive tree”

  • Orchid (Greek) “orchid flower”


  • Pansy (American) “violet flower”

  • Parsley (Greek) “rock celery”

  • Peony (Latin) “healing”

  • Pepper (English) “berry”

  • Petal (Greek) “leaf”

  • Petunia (Latin) “flower from nightshade family”

  • Ponga (African) “tree fern”

  • Poppy (Latin) “red flower”

  • Posy (English) “small flower”

  • Primrose (English) “first rose”


  • Rose (Latin) “rose; a flower”

  • Rosemary (Latin) “dew of the sea”

  • Rowan (Irish) “rowan tree; little red-head”

  • Rue (English, Greek) “herb; regret”

little girl planting a flower next to watering can


  • Saffron (English) “yellow flower”

  • Sage (Latin) “wise”

  • Sakura (Japanese) “cherry blossom”

  • Savannah (Spanish) “flat tropical grassland”

  • Senna (Arabic) “brightness”

  • Sequoia (Native American) “sparrow”


  • Tansy (Greek) “immortality”

  • Tarragon (Latin) “aromatic but also problematic”

  • Thyme (English) “thyme herb”

  • Tulip (Persian) “turban”


  • Verbena (Spanish, Latin) “sacred foliage”

  • Veronica (Latin) “she who brings victory; true image”

  • Viola (Italian) “violet”

  • Viscaria (Latin) “sticky”

young girl hugging tree


  • Willow (English) “willow tree; freedom”

  • Wisteria (German, American) “Wister’s flower”


  • Yarrow (English) “rough stream”

  • Yvette (French) “yew tree”


  • Zinnia (Latin) “flower”

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Flower And Plant Boy Names

Here is our list of boy names inspired by plants:


  • Alder (English) “old”

  • Almond (English) “almond tree”

  • Amaranth (Greek) “unfading”

  • Ash (Hebrew) “happy”


  • Basil (Greek) “royal; kingly”

  • Beech (English) “beech tree”

  • Birch (English) “bright; the birch tree”

  • Bramble (English) “blackberry shrub”

  • Bramwell (English) “well where the gorse grows”


  • Cedar (English) “cedar tree”

  • Chervil (Latin) “leaves of joy”

  • Clove (German) “nail; spice”

  • Consus (Latin) “to sow; to plant”

  • Coriander (Greek) “romance; spice”

  • Cypress (Greek) this powerful boy name means “strong; adaptable”

little boy touching plant in dirt


  • Elm (English) “someone who lived near an elm tree or in an elm grove”


  • Fennel (Latin) “hay”

  • Florian (Latin) “flowering”

  • Forrest (English) “dweller near the woods”


  • Garland (French) “crowned in victory; wreath”


  • Hawthorne (English) “lives where hawthorne hedges grow”

  • Heath (English) “land of heather and grass”

boy wearing striped hat smelling orange flower


  • Kale (Hawaiian) “man”

  • Koru (New Zealand) “loop or coil”


  • Larch (Latin) “deciduous evergreen”

  • Layton (English) “herb garden; meadow settlement”

  • Linden (English) “linden tree hill”


  • Mace (English) “heavy club”

  • Moss (English) “saved from the water; having lived near a peat bog"


  • Oak (English) this short boy name means “meadow of oak trees”

  • Oakley (English) “from the oak tree field”

  • Oleander (Greek) “evergreen tree”

  • Oliver (Latin, French) “olive; olive tree”

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  • Oren (Hebrew) “laurel or pine tree” - Oren is also on our list of 4 letter boy names

little boy holding dandelions


  • Parker (English) this two syllable boy name means “park keeper”

  • Pine (English) “dweller near a pine tree”


  • Sherwood (English) “bright forest”

  • Sorrel (French) “reddish-brown”

  • Spruce (English) “neat; dapper”

  • Sycamore (Greek) “fig mulberry”

  • Sylvan (French) “of the forest”


  • Thorne (English, Swedish) “thorn bush”

  • Thyme (English) “the spice, thyme; herb”

  • Timothy (Greek) “God’s honor”

young boy holding tree seedling


  • Valerian (Slavic) “strength”

  • Vernon (English) “alder tree grove”


  • Wattle (Latin) “just”

Now that you’ve gone through my list of nature inspired baby names, I hope you found some that you like!

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