475+ Country And Southern Girl Names


Southerners are known for their good manners and warm hospitality. A southern belle is thought to be graceful, polite, respectful, and charming.

Sweet southern girl names are timeless. According to the Social Security Administration, country girl names like Charlotte and Hannah have ranked in the top 5 baby names for several years.

Whether you’re a homegrown southerner, live in the country, or just love country music, you should enjoy going through these beautiful country baby names from the south.

In this post, you’ll find over 475 southern belle names that are full of charm and personality. Included are a variety of country names for girls that are old fashioned, pretty, rustic, modern, or timeless.

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Southern Girl Names

Including (origins) and “meanings”

We’ve researched these cute country girl names for you by using websites like BabyCenter to find their origins and meanings. Keep in mind that certain names can have different meanings in other languages.

Here are over 475 pretty southern girl names:


  • Abigail (Hebrew) “my father’s joy”

  • Abilene (Hebrew) “land of meadows”

  • Ada (German) “nobility”

  • Adabelle (German) “noble”

  • Addilyn (German) “noble one”

  • Addison (English) “child of Adam”

  • Adelaide (German) “nobility”

  • Adelia (German) “noble”

  • Adeline (French) “noble”

  • Agatha (Greek) “good woman”

  • Agnes (Greek) “pure”

  • Ainsley (Scottish) “one’s own meadow”

  • Alaina (French) “precious”

  • Alice (German) “noble”

  • Alinda (German) “noble shield”

  • Alison (German) “noble; exalted”

  • Aliza (Hebrew) “joyful”

  • Alma (Latin) “nourishing”

  • Althea (Greek) “with healing power”

  • Amaryllis (Greek) “to sparkle”

  • Amber (English) “fossilized tree resin; color orange/red”

  • Amelia (Latin) “work”

  • Amy (French) “beloved”

  • Anabella (Spanish) ‘loving”

  • Andie (Greek) “manly”

  • Angie (Greek) “messenger of God”

  • Anna (Hebrew) “gracious”

  • Annabella (Italian) “loving”

  • Annabelle (English) “gracious; beautiful”

  • Annabeth (Hebrew) “God has favored me”

  • Annalee (Hebrew) “God has favored me”

  • Annalyse (Latin) “graced with God's bounty"

  • Annamae (English) “God has chosen you”

  • Anne (Hebrew) “God has favored me” - Anne is also on our list of 103 one-syllable girl names and meanings

  • Annie (Hebrew) “gracious one”

  • Ansley (English) "clearing with a hermitage"

  • April (Latin) “opening; 4th month”

  • Arabella (Latin) “answered prayer”

  • Arden (English) “valley of the eagle”

  • Arizona (Basque) “good oak”

  • Ashleigh (English) “from the ash tree field”

  • Aspen (American) “quaking tree” - Aspen is also on our list of cool girl names that are cities

  • Aubrey (English) “noble ruler”

  • Audrey (English) “noble strength”

  • Augusta (Latin) “great; magnificent”

  • Aurora (Latin) “dawn” - Aurora is also on our list of cool space names

  • Austin (English) “great; magnificent”

  • Autumn (Latin) “of woods; fall season”

  • Ava (Latin) "life; bird; water; island"

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  • Avery (English) "ruler of the elves"


  • Babette (French) “my God is my oath”

  • Bailey (English) "law enforcer, bailiff"

  • Barbara (Greek) “foreign”

  • Beatrice (Italian, Latin) “she who brings happiness; blessed)

  • Beatrix (Latin, Dutch) "she who brings happiness; blessed"

  • Becca (Hebrew) “to tie; to bind”

  • Becky (Hebrew) “one who ties”

  • Belle (French) “beautiful”

  • Bernadette (German, French) “brave as a bear”

  • Bessy (Hebrew) “God is my oath”

  • Bethany (Hebrew) “house of figs”

  • Betsy (English) “God is my oath”

  • Betty (English) “God is my oath”

  • Bexley (English) “baker”

  • Billie (English) “resolute protection”

  • Birdie (English, Swedish) “bird”

  • Blaire (Scottish) “battlefield or plain”

  • Blake (English) “fair-haired; dark”

  • Blakely (English) “dark wood; clearing”

  • Blanche (French) “white”

  • Blossom (English) “flower; bloom”

  • Blythe (English) “happy; carefree”

  • Bobbi (German) “bright fame”

  • Bonnie (Scottish) “pretty; charming”

  • Brailyn (Celtic) “powerful; leader”

  • Brandy (Dutch) “burnt wine”

  • Braylee (English) “God’s child”

  • Braylin (American) “broad hill”

  • Bria (Italian) "vigor; liveliness"

  • Brianna (Irish) “high; noble” - Brianna is also on our list of 140 names for beautiful girls with meanings

  • Brielle (French) “God is my strength”

  • Briella (Italian) “God is my strength”

  • Brinkley (English) “woodland clearing”

  • Brinley (English) “burnt meadow”

  • Bristol (English) “meeting place by the bridge”

  • Brook (English) “small stream”

  • Bryanna (Irish) “high; noble”

  • Brylee (Irish) “noble; strong”

  • Brynn (Welsh) “hill”

little girl wearing sun hat and polka dot dress


  • Caddy (Latin) “clarity”

  • Cadence (Latin) “rhythm; beat”

  • Callie (Greek) “beautiful”

  • Calliope (Greek) “beautiful voiced”

  • Camelia (Latin) “helper to the priest”

  • Candice (African) “queen mother”

  • Carla (German) “free woman”

  • Carlin (Irish) “little champion”

  • Carlotta (Italian) “free”

  • Carly (German) “free woman”

  • Carolina (German) “free, beautiful woman”

  • Caroline (Latin) “free, beautiful woman”

  • Carrie (American) “free”

  • Cassandra (Greek) “to excel over men”

  • Cassidy (Irish) “curly haired”

  • Cassie (Greek) “shining upon men”

  • Catherine (Greek) “pure”

  • Cecelia (Latin) “blind”

  • Celeste (Latin) “heavenly”

  • Celia (Latin) “heavenly”

  • Chantilly (French) “singer”

  • Charity (English) “giving; kindness”

  • Charlene (English) “free”

  • Charlotte (French) “petite”

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  • Cheyenne (Native American) “unintelligible speakers”

  • Claire (French) “clear; bright”

  • Clara (Latin) “clear; bright; famous”

  • Clarabelle (Latin) “bright and beautiful”

  • Clarice (Italian) “bright; clear”

  • Claudette (French) “lame”

  • Clementine (French, Latin) “mild; merciful”

  • Clover (English) “meadow flower”

  • Codie (Irish) “helpful”

  • Colleen (Irish) “girl”

  • Connie (English) “constant”

  • Constance (Latin) “constant” - Constance is also on our list of old fashioned girls names

  • Cora (Greek) “maiden”

  • Coralee (Greek, Latin) “maiden”

  • Corliss (English) “happy; free from care”

  • Corrine (French) “maiden”


  • Dahlia (Scandinavian) "Dahl's flower"

  • Daisy (English) “day’s eye”

  • Dakota (Native American) “friendly one”

  • Dalary (English) “of the air”

  • Dallas (Irish) “skilled”

  • Daphne (Greek) “laurel”

  • Darla (English) “dear, loved one”

  • Darlene (English) “little dear one”

  • Davina (English) “beloved”

  • Dawn (English) "the first appearance of light or daybreak"

  • Deedee (Welsh) “swarthy; broken-hearted, sorrowful; pleasure, delight; divine”

  • Delaney (Irish) "dark challenger"

  • Delilah (Hebrew) “delicate” - Delilah is also a hippie girl name

  • Dell (English) “small valley”

  • Demi (French) “half; small”

  • Diane (French) “divine”

  • Dilsey (Sanskrit) “gift of God”

  • Dixie (French, English) “tenth”

  • Dolly (English) “gift of God” - Dolly is also on our list of names that mean gift of God

  • Dorothy (Greek) “God’s gift”

  • Dottie (English) “gift of God”

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  • Effie (Greek) “pleasant speech”

  • Eileen (Irish) “bright and shining one”

  • Eleanor (Greek) “bright and shining one”

  • Eleanora (Greek) “sunray; shining light” - Eleanora is also on our list of vibrant baby names that mean sun

  • Elena (Hebrew) “tree”

  • Eliza (English) “God is my oath”

  • Elizabeth (Hebrew) “God is my oath” - Elizabeth is a girl name with cute nicknames

  • Ella (Spanish) “young girl”

  • Ellamae (English) “beautiful fairy”

  • Ellen (Greek) “light”

  • Ellery (English) “cheerful”

  • Ellie (Greek) “shining light”

  • Elliemay (English) “light”

  • Eloise (French) “famous warrior”

  • Elora (Hebrew) “my God is my light”

  • Elsie (Scottish) “pledged to God”

  • Ember (English) “spark; burning low”

  • Emberly (English) “spark; low flame”

  • Embry (English) “flat-topped hill”

  • Emilene (French) “hardworking”

  • Emma (German) “universal”

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  • Emmalee (American) “universal field”

  • Emmy (German) “whole; universal”

  • Emsley (English) “from the elm wood”

  • Ensley (Scottish) “solitary clearing”

  • Esther (Persian) “star”

  • Etta (English) “ruler of the home”

  • Eva (Hebrew) “life”

  • Evangeline (Greek) “bearer of good news; like an angel” - Evangeline is also on our list of angel names

  • Evelyn (English) “wished for child”

  • Everleigh (English) “from the boar meadow”

  • Evie (Hebrew) “life”


  • Faith (English) “trust”

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  • Fancy (English) “free one”

  • Fanny (French) “free one”

  • Fawn (English) “young deer”

  • Faye (French) “fairy or elf”

  • Flora (Latin) “flower”

  • Florence (Latin) "flourishing, prosperous"

  • Flossie (English) “flourishing; prosperous”

  • Francis (Latin) “free one”

  • Frankie (American) “free or truthful”

  • Franny (Latin) “from France”

  • Fredda (German) “peaceful”


  • Gardenia (English) “gardenia flower”

  • Genevieve (French) “tribe woman”

  • Georgette (French) “farmer”

  • Georgia (English) “farmer”

  • Georgina (Greek) “farmer”

  • Gertie (English) "strong spear”

  • Ginny (English) “virginal”

  • Giselle (German) “to pledge”

  • Gladys (Welsh) “land; nation”

  • Glenda (Welsh) “holy and good”

  • Goldie (English) “made of gold”

  • Grace (Latin) “God’s grace”

  • Gracelyn (American) “grace by the lake”

  • Gracie (English) “grace of God”

  • Gretchen (German) “pearl”

little cowgirl standing next to a white horse


  • Hadley (English) “heather field”

  • Hailey (English) “Hay’s meadow”

  • Hallie (English) “praise the Lord”

  • Hannah (Hebrew) “favor; grace”

  • Hansel (Hebrew) “gift from God”

  • Harlene (English) “hare meadow; rock meadow”

  • Harley (English) “hare’s meadow”

  • Harlow (English) “rock hill; army hill”

  • Harper (English) “harp player”

  • Harriett (English, French) “estate ruler”

  • Hart (French) “rope”

  • Hartley (English) “stag meadow”

  • Hattie (American) “home ruler”

  • Haven (English) “safe place”

  • Hayley (English) “hay meadow”

  • Hazel (English) “the hazel tree”

  • Heather (English) “flowering evergreen plant”

  • Heidi (German) “noble”

  • Henley (English) “high meadow”

  • Henrietta (English) “estate ruler”

  • Hillary (Greek) “cheerful”

  • Holly (English) “plant with red berries”

  • Hope (English) “desire of fulfillment”

  • Houston (English) “Hugh’s town”


  • Ida (German) "industrious one"

  • Ima (Japanese) “present; now”

  • Indiana (English) “land of the Indians”

  • Iona (Scottish) “dove”

  • Irene (Greek) “peace”

  • Isabella (Spanish, Italian) “God is my oath”

  • Isabelle (French) “pledged to God”

  • Ivory (English) “pale; white”

  • Ivy (English, Latin) “vine”


  • Jacey (Greek) “to heal; cure”

  • Jackie (English) “supplanter”

  • Jacqueline (French) “supplanter”

  • Jade (Spanish) “loin stone”

  • Jana (Hebrew) “God is gracious”

  • Jane (English) “God is gracious”

  • Janie (Hebrew) “God is gracious”

  • Jean (English) “God is gracious”

  • Jeanette (Hebrew) “God is gracious”

  • Jessie (Hebrew) “wealthy”

  • Jewel (English) “precious stone”

  • Jezebel (Hebrew) “not exalted”

  • Jill (English) “youthful”

  • Jo (Latin) “God is gracious”

  • Joanie (English) “God is gracious”

  • Joanna (Latin) “God is gracious”

  • Jocelyn (Latin) “happy”

  • Jodie (Hebrew) “from Judea”

  • Joelle (French) “God will be willing”

  • Joellen (French) “Jehovah is God”

  • Johanna (Hebrew, German) “God is gracious”

  • Jolene (French) “pretty”

  • Jolie (French) “pretty”

  • Josephine (Hebrew) "Jehovah increases"

  • Josette (French) “God will increase”

  • Josie (American) “God will add”

  • Jovie (American) “joyful”

  • Jubilee (Hebrew) “joy; celebration”

  • June (Latin) “born in June”

  • Juniper (Latin) “young”

  • Jupiter (Latin) “supreme God”

  • Justine (English) “just; fair”

fluffy pink skirt and cowgirl boots


  • Kaitlyn (Irish) “pure”

  • Kansas (Native American) “people of the south wind”

  • Kasey (Irish) “vigilant”

  • Katie (English) “pure”

  • Katherine (Greek) “pure”

  • Kaylee (American) “who is like God?”

  • Kendall (English) “royal valley”

  • Kendra (English) “water baby; magical” - Kendra is also on our list of names that mean magic

  • Kennedy (Irish) “misshapen head”

  • Kensley (English) “spring; clear”

  • Kenzie (Scottish) “descendant of the handsome man”

  • Kimmy (English) “from the meadow of the royal fortress”

  • Kinley (Gaelic) “warrior; viking”

  • Kinsey (English) “king’s victory”

  • Kitt (English) “he who holds Christ in his heart”

  • Kitty (English) “pure”

  • Kylie (Aboriginal) “boomerang”

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  • Lacey (English) “from Lassy”

  • Lainey (English) “from the lane”

  • Lana (Slavic) “light”

  • Lark (American) “songbird”

  • Laura (Latin) “bay laurel”

  • Layla (Arabic) “night”

  • LeAnn (English) “clearing; grace”

  • Leigh (English) “pasture; meadow”

  • Lena (English, Scottish, Dutch, German, Scandinavian) “bright; beautiful”

  • Leona (Italian) “lion”

  • Leslie (Scottish) “garden of holly”

  • Letta (Latin) “joy”

  • Lexi (Greek) “to defend”

  • Libby (English) “God is my oath”

  • Liberty (Latin) “free”

  • Liliana (Latin) “lily”

  • Lily (English) “lily flower; pure; innocence”

  • Liza (English) “God is my oath”

  • Lorraine (French) “from the province of Lorraine”

  • Loretta (Italian) “bay laurel”

  • Lottie (English) “free”

  • Louisa (French) “famous warrior”

  • Louise (French) “renowned warrior”

  • Lucille (French) “light”

  • Lucinda (Latin) “light”

  • Lucy (English) “light” - Lucy is also a girl name that means light

  • Lulu (English) “famous warrior”

  • Lydia (Greek) “beautiful one; noble one”

  • Lyla (Arabic) “night”

  • Lyndy (Spanish) “pretty”

  • Lynn (Welsh) “lake”

southern girl wearing cowgirl hat and flannel shirt


  • Mabel (English) “loveable; dear”

  • Macie (English) “a gift of the Lord”

  • Mackenna (Gaelic) “fire born”

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  • Mackenzie (Gaelic) “child of the wise leader; comely; born of fire”

  • Maddie (English) “woman of Magdala”

  • Madelyn (French) “woman from Magdala; high tower”

  • Mae (English) “bitter; pearl” - Mae is a beautiful 3 letter name for girls

  • Maeve (Irish) “she who intoxicates”

  • Maggie (English) “pearl”

  • Magnolia (Latin) “a flower”

  • Maisie (English) “pearl”

  • Mallory (French) “unfortunate”

  • Mamie (American) “mother”

  • Mannie (Spanish) “God is with us”

  • Margaret (Greek) “pearl”

  • Maribel (Latin, French) “star of the sea; beautiful” - Maribel is also on our list of mermaid names

  • Marie (French) “star of the sea”

  • Marietta (English) “of the sea”

  • Marigold (English) “golden flower”

  • Marilyn (Hebrew) “rebellious woman; star of the sea”

  • Marion (Hebrew) “bitter; from the sea”

  • Marley (English) “pleasant seaside meadow”

  • Marsha (American) “warlike”

  • Martina (Latin) “dedicated to Mars”

  • Mary (Hebrew) “star of the sea; bitter”

  • Matilda (German) “battle-mighty”

  • Maxine (English) “greatest”

  • May (English) “the fifth month”

  • Maybelle (French) “my beautiful one”

  • Meadow (American) “field of grass” - Meadow is also a plant name for babies

  • Mellie (Greek) "black; dark-skinned; bee; honey; brave strength"

  • Melody (Greek) “song”

  • Memphis (Greek) “established; beautiful”

  • Mercy (English) “compassion”

  • Meredith (Welsh) “great ruler”

  • Mia (Hebrew) “beloved”

  • Mindy (English, Greek, German) “sweet; honey; love”

  • Miley (American) “smiley”

  • Millie (German, English) “gentle strength strong in work”

  • Minnie (English) “of the sea; bitter”

  • Mirabella (Latin) “beautiful; admirable”

  • Miranda (Latin) “to be wondered at”

  • Missy (American) “bee”

  • Misty (American) “covered with mist or dew”

  • Molly (Hebrew) “bitter”

  • Mona (Arabic) “wishes or desires”

  • Monroe (Scottish) “mouth of the Roe river”

  • Montana (Latin) “mountain”

  • Myrtle (English) “evergreen plant”


  • Nancy (Hebrew, French) “grace”

  • Naomi (Hebrew) “pleasant one”

  • Nelle (English) “ray of sunshine”

  • Nellie (English) “light”

  • Nessie (Greek) “lamb”

  • Nevada (Spanish) “covered in snow” - Nevada is also on our list of names that mean snow

  • Norah (Latin) “honor”

country baby girl wearing western hat


  • Oakley (English) “meadow of oak trees”

  • Olive (English) “olive tree”

  • Olivia (Latin) “olive tree”

  • Opal (Sanskrit) “gem”


  • Paige (English) “young servant”

  • Paisley (Scottish) “church; cemetery”

  • Palmer (English) “palm bearer”

  • Patricia (Latin) “noble”

  • Patsy (English) “noble”

  • Patty (Latin) “noble”

  • Pearl (Latin) “pearl”

  • Penelope (Greek) “weaver”

  • Penny (English) “weaver”

  • Peyton (English) “fighting man’s estate”

  • Phoebe (Greek) “radiant; shining one”

  • Piper (English) “pipe or flute player”

  • Pixie (Irish) “fairy”

  • Polly (Latin) “little; humble”

  • Poppy (Latin) “red flower”

  • Prairie (American) “flatland”

  • Presley (English) “priest’s meadow”

  • Priscilla (Latin) “ancient”

  • Prudence (Latin) “caution”

southern girl wearing pink country western clothes and hat


  • Quinn (Irish) "descendent of Conn"


  • Raelynn (Hebrew) “beautiful lamb”

  • Rain (American) “abundant blessings from above”

  • Ramona (Spanish) “wise protector”

  • Raven (English) “blackbird”

  • Rayleigh (English) “from the deer meadow”

  • Reba (American) “snare”

  • Rebecca (Hebrew) “to tie; bind”

  • Rebel (English) “rebel”

  • Reese (Welsh) “ardor”

  • Reva (Hindi) “rain”

  • Rhea (Greek) “a flowing stream”

  • Riley (English) “wood clearing”

  • Ripley (English) “strip of clearing in the woods”

  • Rita (Spanish) “pearl”

  • River (English) “stream of water that flows to the sea”

  • Rory (Scottish, Irish) “red king”

  • Rose (Latin) “rose; a flower”

  • Roseanne (English) “gracious rose”

  • Rosie (English) “rose flower”

  • Roxy (American) “dawn”

  • Ruby (Latin) “deep red precious stone”

  • Ruthie (Hebrew) “friend”


  • Sabrina (Latin) “from the river Severn”

  • Sadie (English) “princess”

  • Saffron (English) “yellow flower”

  • Sage (Latin) “wise”

  • Sally (Hebrew) “princess”

  • Samantha (Hebrew) “told by God”

  • Sandy (Greek) “defender of men”

  • Sarah (Hebrew) “princess”

  • Savannah (Spanish) “flat tropical grassland”

  • Sawyer (English) “woodcutter”

  • Scarlett (English) “red”

  • Serenity (English) “calmness”

  • Shania (Native American) “I am on my way”

  • Shawna (English) “God is gracious”

  • Shelby (English) “estate on the ledge”

  • Shiloh (Hebrew) “tranquil”

  • Shirley (English) “bright meadow”

  • Sienna (Italian) “reddish-brown” - Sienna is also on our list of elegant girl names

  • Sierra (Spanish) “saw”

  • Sloane (Irish) “raider”

  • Sophie (French, Greek) “wisdom” - Sophie is also on our list of names that mean wisdom or smart

  • Stella (Latin, Italian) “star”

  • Summer (English) “summer”

  • Sunny (English) “sunny”

  • Susannah (Hebrew) “lily”

  • Sylvia (Latin) “woods or forest”

farm girl with long hair wearing a western hat and t-shirt


  • Tabitha (Aramaic) “gazelle”

  • Talia (Hebrew) "gentle dew from heaven; by the water" - Talia is also on our list of 5 letter girl names

  • Tallulah (Native American) “leaping water”

  • Tamara (Hebrew) “date palm tree”

  • Tammy (Hebrew) “palm tree”

  • Tanya (Russian) “fairy queen”

  • Tara (Irish) “rocky hill”

  • Taylor (English) “tailor”

  • Tegan (Welsh) “fair”

  • Terra (Italian) “earth” - Terra is also an earth name

  • Tess (English) “to harvest”

  • Thelma (Greek) “will”

  • Tillie (English) “battle strength”

  • Trinity (Latin) “triad”

  • Trish (English) “noble”

  • Trixie (English) “bringer of joy”

  • Trudy (English) “spear strength”

  • Tully (Irish) “flood; peaceful; hill”

  • Twyla (American) “twilight”


  • Victoria (Latin) “victory”

  • Viola (Italian) “violet”

  • Violet (Latin) “purple”

  • Virginia (Latin) “virginal; pure”

  • Vivian (Latin) “alive”


  • Whitney (English) “white island”

  • Willa (German) “resolute protection”

  • Willow (English) “willow tree; freedom”

  • Winnie (English) “gentle friend”

  • Wynona (American) “firstborn”

Now that you’ve gone through my list of country baby girl names, I hope you found some that you like!

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